Wednesday, February 9, 2011

'Frankly somewhat appalling'

We told you last month about Aleut Enterprise asking a judge to hold its former tenant, Adak Seafood, in contempt for failure to pay $215,739.73 in rent.

As you might imagine, Adak Seafood has quite a different view of the situation, arguing the most it might owe in rent is $33,000.

The company's lawyer says the contempt request is "frankly somewhat appalling" given Adak Seafood's cooperation in relinquishing control of the Adak Island fish plant.

Read the company's full argument here.

You might also be interested in this declaration from Adak Seafood manager Asbjorn Drevik.


umbriago said...

In reading Adak Seafoods' attorney's reply, can it be any clearer that he wants the money to pay himself?!
He probably already spent it.

Anonymous said...

So the landlord is supposed to give up their funds so Kjetil and company can pay workers they left hanging?

None of this would be an issue except certain people don't seem to understand the importance of paying their bills. Not just to the Aleut's but to EVERYONE!