Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pinks galore!

The "all-girl" crew of the Cricket, a seiner out of Cordova, rides a deckload of pink salmon during what has been a wonderful fishing season in Prince William Sound. Through Sunday, the fleet had taken 65.9 million pinks, a new harvest record for the Sound. The old mark was 63.5 million fish in 2007. Most of the Sound's pink salmon begin life in hatcheries, and hatchery returns have been terrific this year. Fishermen are enjoying not only a banner run, but a strong payoff. Processors have advanced seiners a price of 35 cents per pound. Last season the average price for Prince William Sound pinks was 24 cents. Thanks to Audrey Burton for the great photo.


Anonymous said...

Lets hope we are not back to picking pinks for a dime a pound next year.

Anonymous said...

Feast or famine has been the name of the game for as long as I can remember. Food banks could use some protein in these tough times

Anonymous said...

Looking good ladies. Glad you had a great season.