Thursday, July 15, 2010

Solberg: 'I lost everything'

Kjetil Solberg, the founder and former owner of defunct processor Adak Fisheries, has answered a bankruptcy trustee's lawsuit seeking the return of $400,000.

Filing the papers himself without an attorney, Solberg says he's no longer an Adak resident and lists his current station as Panama City, Panama.

He acknowledges a money transfer "to settle my divorce."

But Solberg contends it was money he was due.

"I did nothing wrong, and the value of time and money I invested in the company was far more than I took out over time," Solberg's answer says.

Read the full document here.


Anonymous said...

I wish Mr Solberg well. He built the only real business that exists in Adak. Without Adak Fisheries there is no Adak.

Anonymous said...

Just one more time Mr. Solberg is trying to play the poor working man just to screw the system one more time just like in the past he is trying to pocket the money and stiff everbody else.

Anonymous said...

I invested so much of my hard earned money into this company called ENRON a few years back.

I did nothing wrong. The value of money I invested in the company was far more than I took out over time.

So I have the right to screw people right?

Anonymous said...

I remember when this guy applied for credit with my company. They of course got declined. Kjetil calls me up and tells me that they are good for the money and he doesnt know why they were declined cause they always pay their bills. So we extend them a small amount of credit and they max it out. Then a couple months later they go under. Kjetil is a liar. Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Now that is one amazing perk. I wonder if my company will pay for my divorce and alimony for me?

My company should stop paying its bills, other salaries, and taxes so they can pay for my divorce and alimony!

Anonymous said...

I just hope that someone can make that operation work after everything settles. As I see it, it really is the only thing that will make Adak work, absent the Aleut Corp pulling their heads out of their arses and actually doing something creative. Of that, I think, there is little chance.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering, did Icicle Seafoods play a role in Adak Fisheries to go out of business?

Anonymous said...