Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More from Adak

Followers of the Adak conflict will recall how, in February, a federal judge rejected Aleut Enterprise's effort to evict Adak Seafood from the island's only processing plant.

That was a big victory for the tenant.

Now, here's news of a significant victory for the landlord.

The Regulatory Commission of Alaska has issued a seven-page order dismissing Adak Seafood's attempt to force Aleut's subsidiary, Adak Petroleum, to sell fuel to the processor.

Adak Seafood wanted the RCA to regulate the fuel business, arguing it is a "public utility" as the only fuel supplier on the island.

The RCA disagreed.


Anonymous said...

Thank you RCA as a TAC shareholder I'm sick and tired of Solberg's bs. TAC shouldn't be subsidizing his losing operation. You're toast!

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keep on drinking

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I know Jeremy Michael Oliver. In fact, he lives in my apartment. I have asked him to leave as he refuses to pay the entire amount of rent that he owes me. I started researching him on the web and was stunned to find out about the 800,000 pounds of salmon he let rott. Stunned, though not surprised.

Alaska charges processor with letting 400 tons of salmon rot, called 'economic catastrophe'