Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Search ends without recovery of missing crewman

The U.S. Coast Guard reports it suspended its search at 5:11 p.m. Monday for John Ree Payla, a 21-year-old Filipino crewman reported missing Sunday from the 754-foot coal carrier Corona Infinity 40 miles north of Dutch Harbor.


Anonymous said...

What really happened to this 21-year old crew? Did he jump overboard? Is there a foul play?
This is not the only time it did happen, it's the second time and it happens that they are classmates during college.
Hope that "truth will prevail."

Deckboss said...

Anonymous, I would sure be interested in learning more about the previous tragedy you describe. Please feel free to send me an e-mail at wloy61@gmail.com.

Anonymous said...

Family of dead seaman sees foul play

By Tina Santos
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 20:30:00 01/04/2008

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MANILA, Philippines -- The family of a 20-year-old seaman apprentice who allegedly committed suicide by jumping from a ship off the Japan Sea last Dec. 30 has sought the help of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to determine the authenticity of his supposed suicide note.

Vincent Datayan, 58, of Teofilo Madula Street, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, said he believes there was a foul play behind the death of his son, Simon Vincent II, a deck cadet of the M/V Corona Infinity.

The elder Datayan claimed they were informed by a representative of the shipping firm that his son jumped out of the vessel off Japan Sea around 3 a.m. of Dec. 30 after he was reprimanded by the ship's captain.

It was not known, however, why the victim was reprimanded.

The victim, whose body has yet to be recovered, reportedly left a suicide note inside his cabin.

The victim's father said they would submit the suicide note and other handwriting specimen of his son to the NBI Questioned Documents Division (QDD) to determine the authenticity of the letter.

"I believe that my son did not commit suicide. This is not his handwriting," Datayan, showing the suicide note, told reporters. "He would not have signed it 'Simon,' we call him Moni. And he would have addressed it 'Mama and Papa' not 'loved ones.'"

The suicide note reads: "Dear loved ones and shipmates, I cannot take it anymore. Sorry for letting you pay for my shortcomings. I ask you to let me end my life. I cannot bear the shame of letting you all endure all what is due me. But I happily end my life because I know it is the only I can repay you. You suffered for not letting myself obey my master for a drink of which, he commanded a drill without anyone's idea Sayonara & God Bless. w/ you always, Simon."

Datayan insisted that his son had no suicidal tendencies.

"He called up last Dec. 28 and he was so happy, telling us that he will be promoted," the father said. "I always asked him about his condition and he told us not to worry because he's okay."

Simon, the second in a brood of four, boarded the M/V Corona Infinity, a bulk carrier plying the Japan-Australia route, sometime in July last year.

Reports reaching the family showed that Simon was reprimanded by his captain. The captain reportedly called for a meeting but Simon apparently did not show up.

"The captain asked one of his staff to look for Simon. The staff saw him at the rear portion of the vessel. But he claimed that my son suddenly jumped into the water," the father added. "But I couldn't believe it, my son would not do such a thing."

The family said they were also seeking the help of Vice President Noli de Castro to resolve the case.

Anonymous said...

I am one of the friend of John Ree. He is a happy man. There is no reason for him to commmit suicide. Since this is not the first time that the said ship that his crewman is missing then there is something going on. Knowing that this man is a very hardworking man, full of ambitions and plans not only for himself but also to his family. I just hope that the investigation will not stop until the truth and justice for John Ree will prevail

Jester Payla said...

I'm the brother of john ree payla. please help us find justice for my brother. we believed that theirs a foul play behind this incidents. my brothers incident is most likely familiar with simon datayan's story.

my brother left a suicide letter as well. and we believed that it was not his hand writing. the letter consist of 7 pages with 2 stanzas per page. every page only says apologies with no specific reasons, and also uses "love ones". the agency or the ship captain only gave us the photocopy of the letter. we us his family should have the rights to see the original letter. what's their reason for not giving us the real letter when the letter was address to us his family.
my brother is a clever person and he is ambitious. i do believe that he wont do such stupid things. every time he calls up he would say that his doing well in the ship, and never said any personal problems.

lets give justice to this two young man. too those people behind this incidents may they have conscience.