Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Trident generates excitement in Cordova

Peter Kuttel, a manager with Trident Seafoods Corp., gave a Chamber of Commerce talk yesterday in Cordova about the company's big local expansion.

Deckboss wasn't there to listen, but luckily Rochelle van den Broek was and she shared this excellent summary.

It seems that Trident is really surging in Cordova. A big part of its expansion is squeezing value from fish waste though the production of fish oil and a liquefied fertilizer product made from a process known as hydrolyzation.

Trident is employing more people and intends to keep its plant doors open longer each year.

Kuttel indicated this is "the single largest investment that Trident has made in a community in Alaska," van den Broek writes.

Heck, the company has even pledged to help send the town's Miss Iceworm queens to college, she adds.

As background, you might recall that Kuttel ran a Cordova processor called Bear & Wolf Salmon Co. He stayed with Trident after the Seattle-based giant acquired Bear & Wolf in early 2008.

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