Monday, February 5, 2018

Personnel file

The governor has appointed Carol Petraborg to the Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission.

Petraborg currently is administrative services director for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Here's her bio.

Competition for this CFEC appointment was stiff, according to this media report.


Anonymous said...

A perfect appointment.

At ADFG she was a supervisor of licensing (super important at CFEC), and a supervisor of computer services (CFEC needs that too), plus 12 years in the business of fish and a pile of other practical life experience.


Anonymous said...

Welcome. But she has her work cut out for her.

What will help her are two separate audits. They each make it clear where the mess is. e.g. the principal finding in the Leg Audit says:

"The Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission's organizational structure is no longer operationally efficient or effective.

Deficiencies are based on three key issues:
- commissioner's adjudicative workloads no longer support full-time positions;
- commissioner's ineffective management of day-to-day operations;
- a legacy licensing system which contributes to inefficient work flow."

Anonymous said...

Frankly, her "my way or the highway," top down, "you're with me or against me," isolating style might just be what CFEC needs.

Anonymous said...

I wish she was there when I tryed to get my cod permit. I call up there and nobody knows anything anymore.

Todd Granger said...

Bruce Twomley was in the office all day today 7:03. He's been there for 35 years.

Anonymous said...

Uh Todd, That is exactly the problem.

Anonymous said...

I did my salmon and halibut cards online today. It takes five minutes and they are sent straight to the house. I've never had any issue with CFEC. I don't see what the problem everyone is always complaining about?

Anonymous said...

The CFEC online licensing system was described in both audits as a fraud. Read the audits.

After you fill out your "online license" and push GO a clerk at the office has to walk over to pull it off a printer and then reenter it all over again on data screens that haven't been updated since the early 1980s. What a joke. The CFEC version of online license.

But let's be real, there is effciency here. It might not be at CFEC which still uses a duct tape bs procedure, but it did after all save you a 50cent stamp.