Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Cordova hatchery chief to retire

David Reggiani, general manager of Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corp., is retiring.

PWSAC, based in Cordova, operates major hatcheries producing millions of pink and other salmon.


Anonymous said...

Just one "Aaaww sh*t!" erases a whole bunch of "Attaboys"

Anonymous said...

The PWSAC board has been very consistent when it comes to not giving any second chances for anything. Just look at the history of management compared to the other PNP organizations in the state. Dave actually had the longest run in the Corporations history mainly due to:

1. His total control over everything that happened at the hatcheries.

2. His willingness to please the board.

3. He was also a solid financial manager. (No rocket science here just conservative financial actions.)

There were likely many Atta Boys but there were probably a lot of Oh Stuffs!!!!! that never saw the light of day like this fuel spill that he and his chief management staff tried to cover up. The board structure at PWSAC is too big and unwieldy. Many people that should have gotten a second chance never got it. Dave is just another in a long line.

Heck. Look at the PWSAC web site there is no mention of Armin F. Koernig aside from the fact that a hatchery bares his name. That guy was a one man wrecking crew who got the hatcheries off the ground to begin with. I hated his guts for a long time but in his last years he mellowed out and turned into a real human being. At his memorial there were only a handful of fisherman there. I was pretty bummed that more people did not show up.

So dumping Dave is par for the PWSAC course. Not that he did not deserve it for something.

Anonymous said...

Whew! It finally fell below the fold. DR