Wednesday, February 18, 2015

State to make Kenai River sonar adjustment

Details in this press release.


Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see if the Dept still uses the multiplier now that it has full bank to bank coverage. Let's hope that they do not count phantom fish any more. That formula just let them claim that they got enough fish to meet their goals. Nobody in the Dept will ever admit to making a mistake in how they manage or count fish. Advances, promotions and other perks don't come to those who admit mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Good news - only has taken a decade to get the sonar counter out of the tidal zone of the lower Kenai. Long time coming.

Anonymous said...

Just read where the Florida Court, just today, banned set gill nets throughout the state of Florida. This would be one way to be able to count more Kings in the river.

Anonymous said...

England banned set nets and fish traps in 1215.

Ever read the "King of Fish" by Montgomery
Old World Salmon Chapter 5

"The River Salmon surpasses all the fishes of the sea." Pliny the Elder (A.D. 23-79)

[23] All fish weirs (kidelli) on the Thames and the Medway and throughout England are to be entirely dismantled, save on the sea coast.

The third offense, of poaching By Edward I, in 1285 was a year in the dungeon.

Anonymous said...

nets have been banned in Florida for many years , it was a allocation issue sponsored by spport fisherman and funded be makers of sport fishing gear boats and company that supplies fuel to sport fisherman

Anonymous said...

It makes no difference where they count the Kings. There will not be enough to allow any harvest by the sports fisherman. The only people who will harvest them will be the set net fishermen and the drift fishermen. And they will likely under report as usual. A smart set netter should be looking for a way out. a not so smart one should wonder why he paid so much for a fishing site that is becoming less and less valuable. Because either the Dept will do its job and protect our State fish or the people will.