Sunday, January 5, 2014

Trident sues to safeguard its name

Trident Seafoods Corp. is suing Triton Seafoods LLC.


Because that name, Triton, looks and sounds too much like Trident, the lawsuit argues.

Trident is the largest seafood company in the United States, and has used the term Trident as a trade name and trademark since 1973, says the suit filed in federal court in Seattle.

Triton, meantime, was "organized by Alexander Domnenkov in 2013," the suit says.

Triton's website at "mimics" that of Trident at, the suit contends.

Trident further argues:

"The similarity, both visually and aurally, between the terms TRIDENT and TRITON has caused actual confusion and, given the nature and intensity of the industry, that similarity is highly likely to give rise to further and even greater confusion among fishers, suppliers, vendors, and customers. Some of the people working in the industry in which Trident and Triton compete speak English as a second language and may have even more difficulty distinguishing between the highly similar words TRIDENT and TRITON than native speakers of English do."

Trident is asking the court for an injunction blocking the use of Triton or any other trade name similar to Trident.


Anonymous said...

Trident, you must think your customers and the public are so stupid. Because three letters are the same you think we are going to confuse the companies in our mind? Here's an idea: how about spending some of this wasted lawsuit money on your employees rather on this insane lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

Joe Plesha finds work, Gods work.

Anonymous said...

Hardly a newsworthy item Wes. how about some reporting on more important issues/events, such as:

Fixed gear cod just opened in the GOA and Bering Sea. How do prices stack up from Kodiak to Dutch Harbor? How do they compare to last year? What's the market doing?

How about the same info on the opilio fishery?

What is happening in Adak? is there a discharge permit or not?If not, will the plant operate and brave the regulators or sit idle?

Just some ideas. You probably have contacts in the communities and with the processors to gain this type of info. Far more relevant than some meaningless lawsuit.