Sunday, October 20, 2013

Five in life raft rescued west of Adak

A good Samaritan vessel today rescued five fishermen from a life raft in the Bering Sea about 69 miles west of Adak, the U.S. Coast Guard said.

The raft was from a burning boat, the 59-foot Western Venture out of Kodiak.

The Coast Guard issued an urgent marine information broadcast after receiving emergency beacon alerts Sunday morning.

The 98-foot Aleutian Beauty was first on scene and picked up the five fishermen safely, the Coast Guard said.

The Western Venture was said to be still afloat, but unlit and adrift.

State records list Larry Ward, of Kodiak, as owner of the Western Venture, which uses longline and jig gear.


Anonymous said...

The first distress notification to the Coast Guard was the crewman's PLB (personal locator beacon). What a great idea for a Christmas present for the fisherman you care about (or for yourself!!)...

Anonymous said...

We must cut the fat from government; the Coast Guard must be the first to go since it does not serve the general public. The cost per unit of effort is obscenely high. I think the users should pay and if they don't pony-up, it should be eliminated. I'm sure all my fisher friends, being mostly good conservative republicans, will all agree.

Anonymous said...

Look at your waist line and cut the fat there, then look between your ears and get liposuction A-hole.

Anonymous said...

A conservative wouldn't have spent 634 million on a failed healthcare website.
There are a million other ways to save money in our bloated government rather than cutting the CG.
Like: a study of a shrimp on a treadmill for 500k, or a study on Chinese hookers & their drug habits for 10 million, or building a soccer field at Guantanamo Bay for the detainees 750k, or my personal favorite we spend 25 billion a year maintaining federal buildings that are unused or vacant.

Put that in your pipe n smoke it hippie!

MB said...

To Anonymous: if you ever find yourself adrift in a life-raft during a severe storm and you watch your vessel sink out of sight, I want you to remember everything you just stated in your blog remark. Especially as you freeze your ass off and pray they (the Coast Guard)
got your EPERB or PLB signal. You sir, are a Jackass.

Anonymous said...

first lets cut ur balls so you cant have any offspring.

Anonymous said...

I think he was being sarcastic duh,dont get your conservative pea brains in a dither