Tuesday, January 8, 2013

About those Carlson payments

Several folks have asked Deckboss when they can expect checks from the Carlson case.

As you'll recall, the Carlson case was a long-running class action that resulted in the state being ordered to refund millions of dollars to nonresident commercial fishermen overcharged for permits and licenses.

It appeared refund checks might go in the mail before year's end, but that didn't happen.

Loren Domke, the Juneau attorney for the fishermen plaintiffs, today provided an update.

"The first batch of over 2,200 checks will be sent out tomorrow," he said.

Some problems including "accounting issues" took longer to sort out than expected, Domke said.

But the payout will come well within the specified four-month deadline from the court's mid-October disbursement order, he said.


Kristian Schonberg said...

Sounds good to me. It has been a long wait and it is a lean winter.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to take my check and spend it OUT OF STATE! In the Arizona sunshine...

Anonymous said...

Thank you Wesley for this updated info. Much needed money to bad it has taken so long for the folks that work for us ALASKA government they did the right thing. The sad part is the desceased that were stolen from and never were able to recieve money that government stole from them. Every individual should pay the same as long as they are American BORN citizens.

Somehow they are still chargeing more for out of state verse Alaska residents?? Maybe we will see a second lawsuit???? KEEP THE MONEY COMING

Anonymous said...

I was told I was not on the first round of payments and the next round would not be for another month. What a bunch of BS for those who returned the paper work in short order.I suggest calling them daily to check on your own status . Might as well make em wait and squirm a little longer as long as were holding the loot. Typical political and crap.

Anonymous said...

got my Carlson check today