Friday, August 3, 2012

Fuglvog's former fishing mate might go to jail

Federal prosecutors say testimony from Arne Fuglvog helped convict an Oregon man, Freddie Joe Hankins, of falsely reporting where he made commercial halibut catches.

Here's a press release from the U.S. Attorney's Office in Anchorage.

Fuglvog is a former congressional aide and North Pacific Fishery Management Council member who was convicted of misreporting sablefish catches.

Sentenced to five months in prison, Fuglvog is scheduled for release on Aug. 11.


Anonymous said...

Another criminal associated with the F/V KAMILAR and
PETERSBURG. Nmfs office of law enforcement, and the federal prosecuters screwed up the Fuglvog case, or Lisa Murkowski delayed the case so long, that half Fuglvogs crimes feel outside the statute of limitations.
Fuglvog then turn Evidence on a former partner to shorten his time in jail. When will the investigation start on nmfs, and SENATOR LISA MURKOWSKI ?

Anonymous said...

What a joke.
Fuglvog had his sentence cut, then he rats on another crook.

Fuglvog knew about all these crimes previously, so that should further incriminate him.

Anonymous said...

Fred lost his first boat b/c of the same shut !

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this man Arni Fuglvog learned that living amongst criminals for awhile is not the way to go.

He owes society a lot more than ratting on a couple of other cheaters. More time in the brink should have been required.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to seizing vessels and confinscating quota? Our judicial system has gone soft, the prosecutors have become weak. They are leaving criminals, like all the ones from Petersburg, to believe that crime does PAY. If the punishment is not severe, then the crimes will continue.

Anonymous said...

Clearly you morons don't have a clue what took place! First of all, the idiot who claimed Fred lost his first boat doing the same thing....learn to SPELL! I love it when uneducated idiots get on here and run their stupid mouths before knowing ALL the facts. Fred lost his first boat when a family member took it out and fished off the coast of OR and got fined!!! Fred was in AK when it happened. The boat was later taken due to his attorney at the time being incompetent........he was later disbarred. The U.S. Dist. Atty's office is full of it. Arne's testimony didn't have anything to do with this conviction, they are lying to cover their ASS. Arne wasn't on the boat at that time, check your facts. Arne just needed someone to throw under the bus! It also makes me wonder why his brother-in-law wasn't also charged? Also, keep in mind that this is the same office that prosecuted Sen. Ted Stevens, who convicted him of 7 felonies that were later thrown out because of the intentional withholding of evidence, it was nothing but a witch hunt! Disgraceful, unethical and unconstitutional behavior! But this seems to be the way things are done in the last frontier. If I were you, I would be very, very concerned! Hopefully karma doesn't bite all of you in the ass! You could be the next person being lynch mobbed for someone else's crimes! There is waaaay more to this story that will come out soon. Stay tuned, as clearly the U.S. Dist. Atty's office didn't divulge the ENTIRE story! By the way, all you Petersburg haters, give it up, it's really unbecoming of all of you to be soooooo jealous!!! The same goes to all of you "wanna-bes" as well as the fisherman haters!

Anonymous said...

Whoever you are, learn to spell! By the way, you are a moron and don't know what you're talking about! Before you flap your mouth, check your facts!

Anonymous said...


Welcome to Petersburg...where haters, fish and law are always a spell check issue, just go rewrite that confusing spelling, an optimum requirement, and optimum number of drug users as required in the Petersburg Vessel Owners Association...

Like a Territorial Governor once said about that Organic Act of 1916...fact checking depending on who's readin the facts....

Anonymous said...

Having Fun at the United States Attorneys Office?

Like Ted Stevens, U.S. Attorney Fairbanks...confusing language that English composition course...just like at Joe Juneau's LOCAL, criminal fisheries headquarters Petersburg Alaska, or Arnies Petersburg Virginia, township too!

Anonymous said...

Hey 3:17 AM, nice how you dump on a guy for a misspelling. Do you know for sure if that guy really is an "uneducated idiot"? Perhaps he didn't want to spell out the word “shit”. Or perhaps he mistakenly hit the "u" key which (as you obviously know) is adjacent to the "i" key on the keyboard. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s an uneducated idiot. I’ve made spelling mistakes before and I’m not an uneducated idiot. In fact I’m actually well educated. I just realized the fishing lifestyle suited me better than the corporate world. You also seem to be very protective of Petersburg. You sound like another uneducated successful Petersburg millionaire insecure about your perceived lack of intelligence? Get over it. We’re all just migrant workers in the eyes of most.

Anonymous said...

I'm not protective of Petersburg, just sick to death of all of the cry babies on here who blame Petersburg or people from Petersburg for everything! The jealousy seething out of all of the mouths of the have-nots and the crazies on here is beyond ridiculous. Also, the personal attacks on people from there is astounding! I'm not another "uneducated Petersburg millionaire". I just believe that the hypocrisy and the "oh so perfect attitude" is total b.s.! If there are a bunch of uneducated millionaires in Petersburg, good for them!!! What is wrong with working your ass off to become successfull? Hey guys, maybe you can call Mr. Obama for more handouts!

Anonymous said...

Does anybody else find it ironic that Senator Lisa Murkowski was a co-sponsor of the "Pirate Fishing Elimination Act" just recently passed by the Senate?

I wonder if she checked in on Arne during visiting hours for any legislative rewrites of the bill?

RON said...


Anonymous said...

3:17, I got a hunch as to who you are, and if I'm right, awesome. If not, just as well, thanks for sticking up for Fred. I appreciate it.

The rest of you can go eat a bowl of shit. That is all.

Anonymous said...

No problem! Not one of the losers who have done nothing but a lot of shit slinging on here happen to know him. But I was correct on the Petersburg hating. Look up the article after this about the council position opening, then read all of the comments about Julianne Curry. More shit slinging, character assasinating and a whole lot of jealousy. Some member threatening to resign, someone else crying about her attitude, another referring to her as part of the Petersburg mafia bringing a ton of baggage. It never ends! I swear to God, the next big earthquake in AK will undoubtedly be blamed on Petersburg or someone from there!

Anonymous said...

At 3:17, you say there is a lot more to the story that will soon come out. Do tell, don't hold out.

As for Arne, he confessed to being a fish pirate. Now we know he is also a snitch.

No Cojones

Anonymous said...

I guess you will have to wait and buy the book as there really is that much to tell. For legal reasons, I will have to hold out at this time. Believe me, I would love nothing more than to spill it ALL! From Arne, to his exwife, to his long time Kamilar crew, to the Senator, to NMFS, to the US dist. atty. It's a big web of stinking, slimy b.s.!

Anonymous said...

Much better article is here:

Anonymous said...

The IFQ program has handcuffed the witnesses from telling the entire truth. Ifq's made some greedy people do bad, Arne & Fred. Most IFQ holders in Petersburg, would never consider cheating the system.
Just a few have ruined the reputation for all longliners.
NMFS, and prosecutors have opened the door for continued violations. In this new case, prosecutors should try to make the penalty fit the crime. Maximum
fine, maximum sentence, or why not take The QUOTA?
Fred Hankins is a repeat offenders. And for the record,
Fred Hankins has no association with Petersburg, other than the F/V Kamilar.

Anonymous said...

This is a failure of policy and the reliance on magical thinking that a "catch shares for all" policy will create self-regulators out of fisherman - and fish lobbyists.

There is no study anywhere that claims a catch shares system is effective in the absence of tough enforcement and effective prosecution.

In light of the very light (cost of business) fines against processors who violate quota agreements and the refusal of federal corruption investigators to "follow the money" it will all probably get much worse before it gets better.

Meanwhile unrepresented subsistence users have been put under the rule of CDQ racketeerings gangs and ignored by their Congressional representatives.

Fishing closures need to start at the top and work their way down - not from the bottom up.

Fisheries managers and catch share designers are far removed from the consequences of their decisions. Par for the course in Alaska.

Anonymous said...

Hey 2:33 pm, shows how very little you know! Fred isn't "a repeat offender", he married a Petersburg girl and has been the stepfather to her daughter for 18 years. The daughter was born there and is related to half of the town. Also, is that some kind of bad joke about how the PSG guys wouldn't think about fishing in the wrong area? Hahahaha, what planet are you from? There's a lot of people on here screaming otherwise! Guess you should read/watch the news once in awhile. A Petersburg boat that was fined for fishing in a closed area during crab season, seiners fishing in closed areas. One of the guys has been cited 3 times this year alone. There has been talk for years about initial allocation guys who got quota in areas from misreporting their catches during the critical years. Enough with the b.s., i'd be willing to bet that if NMFS confiscated the computers off all the boats, the courts wouldn't be able to keep up with prosecuting all of the offenders. Maybe the next time you get a speeding ticket or DUI, the govt. should take your house, your car or whatever they deem fit?

Anonymous said...

Pure and simple, Ted Stevens was a crook, even if he's our crook.

All the goodies he brought to Alaska? Ted Steven didn't earn those dollars. Those were tax dollars, mostly from hard working folks in other states who don't cotton to the lack of gratitude from dependent Alaskans sucking on Uncle Ted's d. .k/t.t. (For you champion Petersburg spellers insert "ic" and an "i").

The apologists for the corrupt public official Ted (that includes you Lisa) are disgusting.

Anonymous said...

the anonymous attacks continue.

What a joke. Ever since the first monkey could draw in sand with a stick and the first human used a rock to carve his image in the cave walls to the days of John Hancock, there has been little use for anonymous diatribes. There is no meaninng as there is no bearing back to the author.

so proud to make the modern equivalent of crank calls or unsigned letters.

what a crock of sh_t!

Could be a disaffected Lithuanian worker aboard a factory trawler on the Russian side of the Bering Sea for all I know.

Whiny bitch, anti Petersburg folks!!

Bring it on. You cry all day long little doggies, but can you bite.


Oh and you can blame it all on Johnny Winthers, Petersburgs longtime richest and most successful fisherman, which must be some standard to bear in such a successful town. Can't blame it on Gordon, Bob T, Tom T or any of those guys anymore.

Anonymous said...

On what dates did Arne Foglvog deliver to Seward in 2007? On what dates was he on board the Kamilar in 2007? On what dates did he sign the fish tickets in Seward in 2007? On what date was he divorced in 07? Who owned his quota shares on the day his divorce decree was signed? A good sleuth who connects the dots might have a story. And by the way, was he working for Lisa Murkowski in 2007 under an agreement that his fishing income be limited? How much QS did he own in 2007 and how much was it worth?

Anonymous said...

58 Seiners in Peterburg ... All crooks! This blog artical is about Fred right?

Anonymous said...

The real 'ididot' (that was a friend of Ben's misspell, but it fits) is the person who blames NMFS OLE when the failure to initially bring the evidence to the dance by those in the know (Fuglvog crew) may have been why there was a long delay in actual prosecution. The entire crew, and many other similar captains and crew, ought to be prosecuted and jailed as well. And sanctions issued to those who withheld evidence or failed to trust OLE and ran the risks of skunking the entire caseload by sending emails to every Tom Dick and Harry, i.e. tampering and misprisions, instead of understanding the real work of law enforcement agencies.

If Petersburg wants to clean up its reputation, it can start by all fishermen reporting immediately the violations of federal laws - instead of covering up these transgressions. But, for a while, many fishermen in Petersburg were all too happy to have access to Fuglvog/Lisa's office. How they run and hide and fingerpoint today was predictable.

Many of you owe the OLE a major apology. Or is the fact that OLE also went after ICICLE and the M/V Robert M. Thorstenson and illegal pollock use etc. just itching you a bit too much in the guilt shorts?
Peter Pan, Icicle players on those major NOVA cases should be in jail, too.

Groundswell Fisheries Movement

Anonymous said...

Ground swell, Tom,Dick and Harry
never would have gotten e mails
if NMFS OLE had done their jobs.
If 2 years of waiting for an
investigation to be started by
NMFS is unreasonable,than what time frame is?
If the number of violations that
fell under the statute of limitations
ever came out this story would still
be in court.

Anonymous said...

And those fish buyers, headed to Petersburg Virginia?

A National Problem, from Nome to Key West!

But of course quite a few politicians buying off their OLE officers in the Northwest Region, has been another ongoing problem for decades...ever meet a few of those federal rejects in Petersburg...from that Coast Guard Captain, to the Meter Maid and everywhere in between Petersburg's always the derelict's favorite town!

A Sample Edition from a neighbor near you!

Anonymous said...

That's the truth! Isn't the local Petersburg NMFS officer an ex P-town police officer? That ended in scandel. So how in the world did he become a federal dipshit agent???

Anonymous said...

Got us there! He is a dipshit. Who knows what happened there? I think first they have to work at the movie theater, then Hammer& Wikan, and then you are qualified to work for PPD. That's kinda funny!

Groundswell said...

Good question - what time frame of waiting is enough? Two years is not uncommon, depending on chain of evidence, etc. Have some patience. We've been doing this stuff for 20 years and still have patience. Blame those who did not immediately call feds and deal with evidence in a proper fashion etc. - we had nothing to do with the case.

In fact, now that Arne is out of prison, we'd love to buy him coffee and have a chat - in large part to learn how it may have changed his thinking, lessons learned, etc. He's always been respectful in any conversation, and maybe now he's more forethcoming. But, he's probably busy reporting on someone else now to live up to his plea deal.

Or maybe Bobby T will give him a deckjob to get back on his financial feet. One never knows. He's got a right to eat... and you know what they say about idle hands...

Happy pinks!, boys...


Anonymous said...

Groundswell you are a knucklehead.
You know so little about the criminal or the crimes. Arne has always been
respectful, like a jackal. Always
waiting for his opportunity to take advantage of someone or something.
It won't be long and he will be feeding on someone, and may have a six figure job in the bag already.
Fred is going to try to hang Arne again, double jeopardy. Fred's wife thinks she is a PI.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon (Sept. 2, 2012, 5:43 PM), there is absolutely no call to bring my father's household into the equation. TL;DR, leave my stepmom and the rest be. The article is discussing the legal issues surrounding my dad, not my family, let's keep it that way. That goes for the rest of you lot, show a little bit of "netiquette". Last I checked, this ain't 4chan.

-Brennen Hankins