Friday, January 13, 2012

Pair of fishy bills filed ahead of legislative session

The Alaska Legislature begins its 2012 session next Tuesday, and lawmakers have prefiled two bills of interest to the commercial fishing community.

House Bill 261 — An Act relating to loans for the purchase of commercial fishing entry permits. Sponsor: Rep. Bryce Edgmon, D-Dillingham.

Senate Bill 152 — An Act requiring legislative approval before the issuance of an authorization, license, permit, or approval of a plan of operation for a large-scale metallic sulfide mining operation that could affect water in or flowing into or over the Bristol Bay Fisheries Reserve. Sponsor: Sen. Hollis French, D-Anchorage.


Anonymous said...

Bill 152 - good, but not clarified enough, needs work.

Bill 261 - help the setnet crowd finance double stacked permits before it is found to be illegal and thrown out, well, let's just say, that the coffee at The Muddy Rudder must have a little bit too much moose juice in it. Calm down boys, stackin' contradicts CFEC mandates.

Anonymous said...

152, D-Dillingham, economic study?

261, D-Dillingham, economic study?

Where exactly is Kodiak Set, Cook Inlet Drift, Bristol Bay Set, or Southeast Seine mentioned?

Just like Palin's Dream Team, Parnell, and Campbell, where english is a confusing subject matter, where a rabbit would not go!

D-Dillingham "within a single fishery" means everywhere but 1, along with that interesting illegal "allocation within"

Of course the Criminal Fisheries Entry Commission, is always headed by the criminal. A job requirement from Palin and Parnell, the PP Squad, where peeing on you shoes is a Fish and Game Employment Mandate, where even the Alaska State Trooper, has to get some one outside the State to do their job too!

Been to Petersburg?

Anonymous said...

"Healthy and productive fisheries in the base study region generate economic activity equivalent to $4.1–$5.4 billion dollars annually."

Been sharecropping lately?

Federalist #9

"But in a State of disunion, these combinations might exist and might operate with success...even dogs cease to bark after having breathed awhile in our atmosphere..."

Anonymous said...

As a longtime Alaska commercial fisherman and lawyer, I wanted to take the time to say I find the comments to articles on this blog to be the most bizarre collection ever. I hope that Wesley is saving them for posterity.

Seriously, some of you guys need to get out of the cabin for a while and breathe some air.

Anonymous said...

And you sir, need to treat your crews better. They might stick the whole season out, might even return.

But then again, I remember an old friend of mine that I tried to teach to fish... he boldly stated "...I'm a lawyer, a politician, and a fisherman. That gives me three licenses to lie."

Boy-o-boy if that wasn't the true story there.

Anonymous said...

A lawyer? Who's never herd of the Federalist Papers?

Why wonder why, their all on the way to jail.

Been to Court Much?

I suppose it "IS" Bazarr!

Anonymous said...

A lawyer? But not really, more like a criminal, and politician too.

A Federalist Author, last week, after you flunked law school 101?


565 U.S. ____(2012)

(c) Today the Court holds only that the ministerial exception bars an employment discrimination suit brought on behalf of a minister, challenging her church’s decision to fire her. The Court expresses no view on whether the exception bars other types of suits. Pp. 20–21.
597 F. 3d 769, reversed.
ROBERTS, C. J., delivered the opinion for a unanimous Court. THOM- AS, J., filed a concurring opinion. ALITO, J., filed a concurring opinion, in which KAGAN, J., joined.

"In 1215, the issue was addressed in the very first clause of Magna Carta...."

"The second episode occurred in 1811, when Madison was President..."

Who? Madison, Hamilton, and Jay.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to get this clown that continues to comment on every post off this site. You're obviously a bitter, uneducated fool. Take your unwanted, nonsense comments to some other blog or go fishing like the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

You should come visit us in Dillingham, it's a great place for douce bags in government.

An Act relating to loans...

The total of balances outstanding on loans made under AS 16.10.310(a)(1)(E) may not exceed $2,000,000 for each community eligible under federal statute or regulation to establish or participate in the establishment of a community quota entity.

Of course after selling the majority of Permits, now we need more money to buy what we had in 1974.

Vote Bruce Edgmon(D)og Cacher (D)illingham's Finest!

Anonymous said...

Fishin in a GoldFish Bowl.

Unlawful Financing Practices, always confuse our Dillingham Douce Bags, just like 255, that cnfuses our Petersburg Douce Bags.

Anonymous said...

Of course uneducated always depends on another genetic study, made private by Alaska Satute, the Dog House Bill, as usual (D)illingham's Finest!

1974, An Act...

S 03T
634 resident permits?
238 nonresident permits?

Anonymous said...

How many Billion?

And the White Knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen's "off with her head!"
Remember what the dormouse said;

Anonymous said...

Wowie! That ought to really get the educated haters of the "uneducated" bitter clowns going.

Too bad more people can't understand that it's a roller coaster ride through fishing, politics, history, and the moral foundations based upon laws created through our recorded history.

Most people are destined to repeat the mistakes handed down through time for their lack of desire to at least learn more if not being able to know more (of the truth).

Ramble on man. I've got the overhead bar pulled down and locked tight. Don't pay those idjyuts no mind!

Anonymous said...

What Moral Foundations?

"...since you have been influenced by the argument of "outsiders coming in."
Martin Luther King

Birmingham to Dillingham it always works the same in (D)ixie.

Anonymous said...

The mad 'tin hatter' strikes again.....reading his stuff is like A bad trip, laced with historical figures from Martin Luther to Geronimo. Sounds like fun, only nobody has a clue what it's supposed to mean.

Don't try to decode the message, just skip to the next comment. If there's some hidden wisdom behind the rants, I'm not seeing it.

Anonymous said...

Open your brain for business, it's not that difficult to understand.

Anonymous said...

It's not really a tin hat, it's our government's hat, way down younder...

Anonymous said...

And the White Knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen's "off with her head!"
Remember what the dormouse said...

Anonymous said...

Just like I thought, tin hat, bad air and to much bad LSD, that explains it!

Anonymous said...

What I get a kick out of is your reference to "bad" LSD, as though, you, the sane one, has done (or does) good LSD. Now it is clear where you are coming from.

Maybe if you didn't do so much of that good LSD you would be able to understand a bit of what the inferences are about.

Anonymous said...

WOW, I'am learning alot.

Anonymous said...

He should have said you huff good paint!

Anonymous said...

Blogger at 9:51AM on Jan. 15th said "Most people are destined to repeat the mistakes handed down through time for their lack of desire to at least learn more if not being able to know more(of the truth).

This is so right on the money and it describes the Politics on Salmon and the mess we've been in up here in the Norton Sound for at least 30 years. It won't get any better unless we oust the people responsible for making the mistakes so long ago, yet they insist they know better.

Anonymous said...

Wondering why LSD, is the drug of choice at Dillingham's ADF&G office?

The 2008 Kuskowkim Report?

ADF&G, where science is always overuled by a politician on drugs.

Togiak harvesting 165,065 Kuskowkim Bound Salmon (2008) along with 53,548 in the Nushigak?

Science shown clearly in today's mistakes, just find another taxing district and a politician using that funding for LSD.

Bruce Edgmond LS(D) never a scientific study needed.

The Togiak & Dillingham Limited
Supply Division, can we get another 1%tax so they won't run short of the drug supply for Bruce Edgmond LS(D)

Nobody has a clue? THAT'S FOR SURE!

Anonymous said...

ADF&G's Genetic Stock Composition of the Commercial Harvest of Sockeye Salmon in Bristol Bay, Alaska, 2006–2008

With 40% headed for the Kuskowkim, buit of course all those east side districts need a terminal harvest area, since they intercept area T bound salmon?

Can Bruce write us up an Inbreeding Bill for Dillingham, or will that have to come from Hollis French and Sara Palin's Set Net Party of Drunks.

Anonymous said...

Wesley, you have got to get this babbling clown off of here. I enjoy reading comments on your stories, but lately it seems there's nothing but disconnected gibberish from someone who has evidently neglected to take his meds. He has made your comments section not worth reading.

Anonymous said...

But yet you're still reading it.