Monday, July 12, 2010

Bankruptcy trustee says Solberg owes $400,000

As previously reported here, Aleut Enterprise is suing to try to evict an unwanted tenant from the seafood processing plant on Adak Island.

Last week, Aleut filed this 17-page memo arguing that, hey, the tenant at least needs to pay rent while the court case plays out.

The real nugget of the memo, however, is the mention of a separate lawsuit previously unknown to Deckboss.

The Aleut memo says the lawsuit levels "troubling ... allegations of self-dealing and fraud" against Kjetil Solberg, the founder and former owner of Adak Fisheries, which filed for bankruptcy last September.

Kenneth Battley, the court-appointed trustee for Adak Fisheries, brought the suit in April.

Just today, Battley asked the judge to declare Solberg in default for failure to answer the lawsuit.

Battley wants Solberg to pay back $400,000 to the Adak Fisheries estate.

The suit says Solberg, or parties on his behalf, received money transfers that were executed too near the time the company filed for bankruptcy.

For example, Adak Fisheries made a $26,425.71 mortgage payment on a piece of property Solberg owns, the Battley suit says.

Another time, checks for $100,000 and $15,838 went to "Ricky Solberg, Mr. Solberg's wife or ex-wife," for "property settlement, credit card payments and child support."

The Aleut Enterprise memo offers further detail, saying: "The trustee has alleged that Mr. Solberg utilized company funds to pay for personal travel, mortgage payments on a recreational property in Halibut Cove, and alimony payments, among other things."

Solberg is now an owner in a new company, Adak Seafood, the successor to Adak Fisheries.

It is Adak Seafood, of course, that landlord Aleut Enterprise aims to evict, arguing the company lacks a valid lease.


Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight. IN Kjetil's world I can lease an apartment, than I can give it to someone else. When the landlord objects, they can fight the eviction in court, claiming the lease is still valid. This will result in a stay of eviction and then that person can not pay rent or comply with any terms of the original lease without fear of eviction. Wow interesting world Adak seafoods and Kjetil is living in.

Honestly i will miss all these wonderful posts when a judge tells Adak seafoods they are evicted and this drama stops.

Unknown said...

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