Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Your chance to make a difference in Petersburg

This just in from Julianne Curry of the Petersburg Vessel Owners Association:

Petersburg Mayor Al Dwyer has just established a Commercial Fishing Committee to address problems and solutions facing the future of Petersburg's commercial fishing fleet. Commercial fishing is the mainstay of our local and regional economy. If you are interested in maintaining the viability and success of Petersburg's commercial fishing industry, please consider submitting a letter of interest to Mayor Dwyer and City Clerk Kathy O'Rear. The committee will potentially have nine commercial fishermen and one processor. Of the nine fishermen, ideally a broad range of ages and gear groups would be represented. The committee will meet between one and three times before providing recommendations to the Petersburg City Council. Meeting dates will be chosen based on group availability.

If you would like to know more, or need help with your letter of interest, please contact the office.

Happy fishing,

Julianne Curry
Petersburg Vessel Owners Association

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roger said...

Hello Julianne, Saw where Halibut is $19.00 a pound in the market here in Seattle. Too bad the Fishermen couldnt eliminate some of the Middlemen expenses so they could get more at the dock. Prices that high in the store might discourage people from buying the product. Keep up the good work. Uncle Roger